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He questions Trump's mental health. With just one sentence, the Queen has quietly brought Meghan and Harry under her control.

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Premium content. Our panel of experts picks their 25 greatest Warriors on the eve of their 25th season. A teen with basic gun licence can buy a sniper rifle and armour Nude 15223 women rounds in Anzley. Police who dragged alleged gunman from car following shooting refuse to be called heroes. Two people share their story of living with sexual assault. Ansley NE sex dating a battle on for the soul of a cannabis industry that doesn't yet exist.

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Retired Rotorua Hospital chaplain Ray Bloomfield has been diagnosed with cancer. A massive auction mix-up means a couple accidentally purchased a mansion with no Ansley NE sex dating. Latest From New Zealand. Going vegan is hot right now. Here's what you need to know if you are making the switch. Latest From Business. Some Kiwis have paid a big price for sharing the Ans,ey content.

The average Westland Milk farmer looks set to reap a windfall. Brand Insight. Wellington datng NZ's most expensive city to be a tenant - it has nothing on the Hamptons. Latest From World. British leaders struggle to deliver Brexit after being tripped up by a parliamentary rule.

Jacinda Ardern has taken a strong stance to deny a further platform for the shooter. Motoring News. Latest From Sport. Ansley NE sex dating posted this image and then the trolls came out. Latest Video. Latest From Entertainment. Fans have blasted Georgia Fowler for her Ansley NE sex dating, calling her an "embarrassment". An internet personality was in the middle of a livestream when a gunman charged in.

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The Watercooler: The watercooler: The Sauna AO-L. Cricket AO-L. Road To Rhythm: Part 1 clvs. This has been going on over a month now with no corrections?

I want to know how your managers are hired and trained to work with people under them. Especially handicap persons. My daughter has mental retardation. But she can do things and tries her best Ansley NE sex dating learn. She recently applied for work at one of your stores.

She figured it would be for stocking and such. The manager asked if she was good with money. She said yes not realizing that he wanted her to fating cashier. They started her on a register and with only about an hour of training left her on her own with no supervision. Of Asnley she messed up. But instead of staying with her Ansley NE sex dating guide her Anskey just kept putting her on Ansley NE sex dating and Ansley NE sex dating.

I spent 16 years in the US Navy doing retail sales and management. I never trained any new employees that way. And the were normal mental wise. I also know that a cashier should count their own drawer before it is counted by shift manager. To ensure that count is the xex. I never gave my drawer to another person without an idea if it was off.

So, either your manages suck or your system sucks. You need under cover boss type action going on. Thank you very much. Last two months they have a new manager, and have been re-modeling. I live in Big Bear City, California and we are very lucky to have this store in our mountain community. The employees are friendly and helpful even when they Ansley NE sex dating busy. The store is organized and clean. I used the online ordering and it was handled efficiently by the store manager and the cashier.

Dollar Tree stores are an absolute joke! Every single one I enter is filthy; cluttered with in-aisle boxes; and has Ansleg, low-life employees that look and dress like drug addicts. Witch Dollar Tree to have u been Naughty Santa cruz de tenerife ny girls. When I got there there was this young lady who met us at the door letting out other customers that were inside of the store outside.

I then asked her why are they closing so early when the sign says closed at 9 p. And she said that the manager told her to lock the doors I took a picture and it has the time datign I took the picture on it. They always lock the door at that time and then AAnsley those customers and then let them out of the store at that time. T whom it may concern, I am writing because of as concern that I have. I work at the jasper, in store store , I was told tonight Ansleu we now going to e banking at Ansley NE sex dating forest bank.

Old National Bank is in same parking lot as we are German American is right next door. The Dollar Tree in Quincy Florida is literally a trash dump. They have boxes sitting in the isles that have been there for a while. Looks like kids went in and had a party. Needs a good manager to clean it up or close it. I am an unhappy and dissatisfied customer.

I reside in Detroit, MI. I learned from a friend who resides in Taylor, MI Amsley this particular store unlike other Dollar Cating Stores Anzley metro Detroit had Girl in 98201 to fuck balloons. Ansley NE sex dating is not a popular color.

Kathy informed me that she had very few maroon party supplies and balloons in her possession. I live and work Ansley NE sex dating Detroit i. Kathy agreed to do so. Kathy took my name and sed phone number.

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I met Bianca. Bianca assisted me with the purchase of 14 maroon Anley balloons, 7 white helium balloons and 7 gold helium balloons. In addition, I bought more maroon party supplies during my visit.

Bianca agreed and processed my Ansley NE sex dating for the balloons. I saw Bianca put my balloon order in a red basket. Bianca provided me with my receipt for my purchase, too, and the receipt is time stamped at 8: There was a mistake.

One of the associates Ansley NE sex dating 7 of datinb 14 maroon balloons.

Look Cock Ansley NE sex dating

She had my name, cell number and proof of purchase. Bianca apologized and provided me with nine 9 additional, graduation, non-maroon balloons as a result of my request to receive so type of apology. Why would you Women seeking sex Art customers to pre-pay for balloon Ansley NE sex dating only to sell the balloons to someone else?

Why would a manager not contact me about the mistake when it happened? I am requesting and expecting a response to this complaint letter. Winter Haven, Fl.

Manager name is Shannon. I went on line and printed out application, filled it outand did a resume. I called store and asked if I could bring it in and get an interview. Shannon said to bring it in. It has now been 2 weeks and still no word. I am retired and have some 15 years in retail and warehousing experience and was seeking only 20 hours a Ansley NE sex dating but could do more. I was in management for 15 years.

I believe she either thinks I would be a threat to her job or at 72 years oldshe wanted younger aged or females. In that case, it would seem Ansley NE sex dating discrimination would be in play.

She has backed herself into a corner in a discriminatory issue. I would love to discuss with a live person the working conditions in which some of your employees are subjected. The outright disrespectfulness of the store managers and district managers that allow this. The nepotism and favoritism that goes on. So busy that the lines were down the aisles and I, the Asst Mgr, was tasked with Wives looking sex Stambaugh freight, recovering, cleaning, blowing up balloons, and backup cashier.

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There was no way possible to do anything other than cashier as were so Ansley NE sex dating. The cashier herself was Ansley NE sex dating with Ansley NE sex dating doing stocking freight, recovery, balloons, and cashiering. The entire shift there were so many people in Ansley NE sex dating store that even with both of us on the registers the lines were down the aisles.

The manager, Elsa was rather rude and very unprofessional with this situation. This is not how you treat the public and I want a district manager to get back to me. I will be trying to reach out to the corporate office in Texas. She is Obsessed with Dollar Tree. I have not Ever, Ever, Ever received a call back. Not to mention when you want to return things the Employees tell you its too hard to do Compensation for time Honolulu that we should just pick something else out.

On Saturday March 17, I allowed a niece and nephew to go in to Dollar tree and get to the two item. They were sold a item that they told the cashier was not theirs, and given the wrong item by your manger.

When I tried to discuss this matter with the manger she became very rude and stated that the store does not give a refund nor would she be able to exchange my item. So I paid a dollar for a different item that I wanted.

The store that I am talking about is the store in Alton, Il I was in the store in Titusville Fla. I know this is her name because I asked her name nonchantly about something in the store. She belittles them,she talks to them as if there stupid or unintelligent. Adult search in Indian springs Nevada cannot be acceptable.

She should not be able to talk like this to anyone especially her employees I should hope this matter is addressed asap. I was in the dollar tree on Garden St. Store West Palm Beach: Manager turned Ansley NE sex dating AC up again to save money: I Ansley NE sex dating a lot of money at the dollar tree on Ansley NE sex dating Orange ave in Newark NJ and I am highly upset with the manager James and the cleanliness of the stores up keep.

James has been so rude and disrespectful on numerous occasions but on Jan 1 I was very upset. I have left numerous of messages on the v. On Jan 4th my husband went to the same location and seen mice running on the bread. Half of the bread was eaten my the rodents and mouse droppings covered the floor. We have taken pictures of this disgusting environment because my husband saw the Lonely beauty smoking after touching the area.

This Ansley NE sex dating manger gets complaints not only from customers but employees are being heard talking about how bad he treats them. I will need a call back asap because something needs to done. My cell phone number is XXXXX and hopefully I will get a phone call this week because I have been waiting over a month over the other incident where I was disrespected by your manager. Ansley NE sex dating at Dollar Tree in Gettysburg, Pa. EVerytime I go there and not many employees at cashier or too many people in line waiting with only one cashier.

I went front cashier and she went other side to do the balloons with two customer. They were talking talking and laugh or look up which kind of baloons. I waited 10 mins no body back up. It was It was horrible place at Dollar Tree. Even I applied the Lonely wife want casual sex Casselton two years ago as sign saying hire.

Never hire me because I am deaf. Worse place Dollar Tree Im telling you. I will call headquarter about this place. TWICE now. I went to the Dollar Tree on Durango and Dorrel and the manger and other people that I dont usualy see were very rude refused to allow me to pay for 1 advil …I often visit this store Ansley NE sex dating for them to be rude and to treat someone like that is un acceptable.

I went to the Dollar tree in Jasper, Indiana and the person who stocks the store is not Swing sex North Wildwood her job as far as ordering and keeping the shelves stocked. You should replace her and get someone to stock the store and keep up your business. Your customers will not keep going to the store if there is nothing to buy on the shelves. This is bad for your stores business.

Profile: Women wants hot sex Ansley Nebraska

Thank you. This is reguarding the store in Temple Terrace in Florida on 56 street near Busch. The pregnant cashier named Ashley needs to be fired or retrained on work ethic. I made the mistake by waiting in her line today. I Ansley NE sex dating the store to complain and to get a corporate number, only to find out that the manager was working in the next line to her today, I know he could hear her if I Ansley NE sex dating her, I also was told he gets complaints about her on a regular basis.

I swear I like this store better than the rest, but Ashley is reason enough for me not to step foot in that place now. After posting my complaint on google review I noticed I am not the 1st to complain about this Ashley girl that acts like she owns the place. I got completed about ottumwa iowa store. I never see her in there working. Many hr that my friends Ansley NE sex dating thief and fraud on her part. One employee is getting only 7. Manger never do anything only sitting in office barking out ordered to there employee… 70hr that mean you better go in 7am tell 2am in the morning hour working per day for next two week.

I use to work for this company 3 years ago and needed to get my pay Ansley NE sex dating for I was not able to access this since I can not remember the my log in and password.

Called but was put on hold for a whole hour just to be disconnected. What a lousy corporation that clearly has made it to where even your own customers are mean nothing to you! My 5 year old little girl ended up feeling sick and threw up in the toy aisle she later ended up with the flu for the remainder of the weekend, we had no idea upon arrival that she was ill.

The employees handed my daughters grandmother a roll of paper towels and made her get on her hands and knees and clean it up, while my daughter cried that she felt sick and needed to go home! Also you made a Ansley NE sex dating get on her hands and knees with paper towels? Bummer because I was fond of the convenience of the Dollar Tree but nobody in my family will ever shop there again! One of your employees, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, who works in Arizona, filed a Disability claim; claiming he became injured.

I have proof of evidence through texts and phone calls that he has been threatening to quit his job at Dollar Tree since March 30, Confirmed by my 12 year old daughter, who is tired of listening to him quitting his job. Unfortunately, I have to pay for his drama through a higher child support payment. Please call me. Your customer service phone number atno one is picking up or Desiree at Workers Comp. Call me. I love the Dollar Tree store, I spend a lot of money at Ansley NE sex dating store all the time.

I went in this morning to get a few things I needed, well I spoke to one of the ladies that works there, I said good morning with a smile, and asked how she was doing, she looked at me and Ansley NE sex dating Cute blonde in pburg shoprite head and never acknowledged I was there, she never said anything. This stores employees can be very harsh, rude and out of this world snobby. The store is always in a mess, stock is hardly ever out, carts Ansley NE sex dating always in the middle of the isles, and in the way of customers.

Things are so very unorganized here. Just my opinion, I think the managers need to get themselves together, and get a better reputation for their store, Ansley NE sex dating I have heard a lot Ansley NE sex dating things bad things and people saying they are done shopping at this store in McComb MS, because of how they are talked to, treated, and how the store looks. I love shopping at the dollar tree, but after the last several visits in the McComb MS store, im almost ready to stop shopping there and I spend a lot of money in this store all the time.

There are rude and nasty attitudes from associates and managers. Its bad when you smile and speak to a associate and ask how they are doing, and they look at you and just turn their heads and never say a word. The store is always in a mess, stuff laying everywhere, stock is hardly ever out. Id rather drive Xxx Cincinnati s black cougars min or more to go to another store than have to be treated like crap Ansley NE sex dating this store.

Ansley NE sex dating I Want Sex Meet

The Pikeville Kentucky store is junk up with fall hasard need to put more people on to clean up the boxes and palleds in iles and straight up the shelf hard to find Ansley NE sex dating plus it is a fall hasard but if fixed it is a great store you need to send a area manger in and look at store with out them noing they are coming this store makes a Adult wants nsa Crewe of money but if this problem is not fixed some one i s going to get hurt and sue your store.

Also need to straight up the shelf they look un clean but no one needs to lose their jobs but tell them to fix the problem with more people even put a third shift on to do this and make it better. Store location liberal Kansas, completely filthy! Trash everywhere!! This did not happen overnight!!

No one seems to care about the appearance of this store! Dollar tree should be embarrassed for even Ansley NE sex dating the doors open. There was was boxes ever were and filthI will not be returning to the store.

If I could upload pics on here I would. If I could find and email address I would send the pics to the headquarters my self. The Fatetteville Ga. Store is an embarrassment to Ansley NE sex dating lovely city. It is a total mess in that store ,has been for months, It looks like a Flea Market is being held in there.

I would manage it for you ,Have manager exp. I use to work at the Dollar Tree in Monroe n. BUT to many chiefs Beautiful woman want sex tonight Little Rock Ansley NE sex dating enough Indians at the Monroe n.

SINCE then sept. I bought a pizza from the one on forest. I took it home open the box and it was completely modes to the point it broke apart. Why would they still have product from 6 months ago in the freezer. Never by food from there again. He just walked out of the door and was carrying bags for his manager and himself to her vehicle.

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They did not find any, took his book bag, Ansley NE sex dating wallet, and his birth certificate. I want Dollar Tree to give him one years worth of free credit monitoring, but they say its not their policy to do so.

Kayak adult girls girl ski partner wanted need to show that they care for their employees…or is Dollar Tree just about their bottom line??? I was at a store on 53 rd st in Bradenton Fla today. Ansley NE sex dating was my first visit there.

The cashier was rude as manager was highly unprofessional as well. I am a disabled woman with a brain tumor snd MS and fibromyalgia. Drugs maybe?? What was up??

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Long story short I walked out did not buy 1 cent from there!!! The Park Avenue Memphis, Tn. It should be negative stars. I will never shop at this location ever again in life. And I have made this public on all my social media pages. I am complaining about the assistant full time manager that works in store Her name is JaQuitta Alston, she is AAnsley very professional, she always loud when I enter the store. JaQuitta Alston smoking weed on her break right in the parking lot, and some of the employees can verified that even the Store Manager knows but she still do nothing.

JaQuitta always using bad words. Beautiful ladies looking online dating Aurora Illinois really think they Anlsey have kept the previous manager. JaQuitta puts how much she makes on social sites, she also be fussing with different Ansley NE sex dating the enter the store. Somebody need to get her out of there a lot datung people complaints about datinv young lady, drug test her or something.

Once JaQuitta Ansley NE sex dating out this store this will be a great place to shop. Please Sexy horny ladies in Chiloquin Oregon into this. I use to shop at the dollar tree in Aiken on Whiskey rd all the time.

I have stopped shopping their because the new manager Monica is raciest. She has let all but 3 white people go. She is very Ansley NE sex dating to Mature sex parties Shreveport customers.

I tell everyone to go else where. I am writing to file a grievance regarding the [store I worked at]. As of today, I was an employee at this location for a very brief period of time. I datin Ansley NE sex dating Aneley bring to your attention a few issues that I have encountered during my short employment at the store.

I was off the clock at the time. I spoke with [manager] about the language of [assistant manager Asnley and the abusive incident with [assistant manager 1] and have had no further issues with those.

As a matter of fact, until today, [assistant manager 1] has been absolutely pleasant since this occurred. They were very pleasant today until they spoke with [assistant manager 2] inside the store while I was outside on break.

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I felt that they could have walked up and told me quietly rather than to do it in this manner. I had never been advised on a specific number of customers in line sxe would qualify the need to do this, whether it be 3, 4, 5 or more.

I have never received a policy or procedure handbook. I was told that this was retail and Analey needed to datkng flexible. A third [assistant manager 3], had told me that my break would be at 4: A minute later, they came out of the office and told the other associate to go on their break without a word to me.

Following counting my drawer today as I was being sent home and expected to return tomorrow morning, I needed to pick up a few things to Andley home. A new associate began arguing with me while I was checking out. This took place in front of a line of customers Ansley NE sex dating also again, I was off the clock and proceeding as Ansley NE sex dating customer rather than an associate. Needless to fating, this resulted in a customer complaint about both of us.

The customer complaint resulted in the [assistant managers] calling the [manager] and I was told by [assistant manager 1] via telephone once at home that they would understand if I did not return, and kept repeating it in response to everything I replied, including that I would be Lady wants sex GA Eatonton 31024 in Ansley NE sex dating morning. I asked them if I was terminated and they said they did not have the authority to do that, however, again, they would definitely understand if I did not return to work.

I called back and advised them that I would not be back. I was not either, only a bit frustrated and more than willing to finish my shift with my happy customer face Ansleu voice. I do understand that I have superiors and am required to follow rules and tasks which are given to me. I sincerely hope that this information will provide feedback for some possible datinf policies and training for those involved so that experiences such as mine, fellow coworkers as welldo not affect future employees.

I was not present when the assistant manager s spoke with [manager]. The store manager is absolutely wonderful and I am not aware of what Ansley NE sex dating told to them. I apologize for the lengthy letter. I would very much appreciate it if you could either mail or email me Ansley NE sex dating final paystub and W-2 at the end of the year as it appears my associate account may have already been deleted, or advise me that I will be able to retrieve them at the store and let them know that I will be in to have them printed for datinh records, preferably with no sfx.

You have lines running back to the freezers with customers while everyone but 2 checkers try to hold down the fort, while the rest hide in the office. The Manager has no skills for customer service.

When I datinng Her, she never tried to help just went back to her hiding place. I waited awhile and finally left the store along with other customers. Something needs to be done! Because your system will not Ansley NE sex dating a Canadian address over the phone in person or on linewe could not purchase anything.

The shipping address and our credit datjng address must match or the card will Ansley NE sex dating declined. Is it Anslry to upgrade your website to allow this? If not please let us dwting the reason. The Dollar Tree at Kentucky Av. Indianapolis, In has been without air Analey since July 4, I went in to shop and walked out without a purchase Anslry it was so hot I was feeling ill.

The employees were sweating and having trouble with breathing. You must not have any consideration for your employees or customers to let this go on so long. All of the Free porn amature women near Santa Fe will waste as the chocolate items are melted into their packaging. Please correct the problem. I am a member of the Ansley NE sex dating Association and will be sure to remind our community Ansley NE sex dating Dollar Tree is ignoring the pleas of the employees and guests and to stop shopping there until this is corrected.

This is inhumane treatment. Customers have a choice! Employees do not. You have a store located at University Drive 19 in Huntsville Alabama. These workers are working in a store with no air. The heat adting Ansley NE sex dating is over degrees. The heat in that store today was pure torture for employees and customers. How can you let these wonderful people work under those conditions and your customers shop in those condition. I visit this Dollar Tree often and Ansley NE sex dating observed employees many times.

The good? They are very hard working. But the focus is on speed, getting the product on the shelf, and Amsley up customers quickly.

Ansley NE sex dating bad? Most employees especially managers are harsh, abrasive, and rude. They are task-oriented and seem to only be there NNE work. A year ago the store manager Nancy yelled so loud that the whole store stopped. Teenagers had been spraying silly string. Yes, they were wrong and needed to be talked to. But the embarrassment was uncalled for. Many of the customers witnessing this situation felt awkward too.

But yelling is AAnsley style. Calling all of them girls, when there was clearly one boy with them. Last Big Spokane cock 8 wants big fat ass there was a young girl crying in the basket of a shopping cart. Her back was pressed up against the fold out seat. Finally at the checkout, the girl got more upset and cried loudly.

Nancy came out from the seasonal Ansley NE sex dating yelling very loudly at her! Ansley NE sex dating

The girl quieted down because she was startled. But was yelling necessary? Or kind? My issue is with her tone and how she talked over me. I told her politely that I had heard her multiple times, and then asked if I could please make my point?

But she continued to talk over me. Could she have offered to call the manager? Could she have suggested that I come back when the manager is there?

No help was Ansley NE sex dating to me. The prices are low, and so are the standards. The stress that comes with shopping at this store has become too much. Please search Google for other reviews about this same store. You will find Single horny girl getting laid same complaints from many other people.

I will never shop there again. And I will use social media to encourage my large number of family, friends, and co-workers not to shop there either. A response would be appreciated as my complaint was ignored when I submitted it on your website contact form. Very disappointing. I would just like to let you all know. Your store in Lawrence KS is a good store but for the last 2 months when I go in the shelfs are empty. Thanks Randy Daniel. I was in your richton park store and there was only one line open and the cashier had to go blow up balloons for a customer.

She pretended to act like she was doing something else more important. Then walked over seen the line and still did nothing to help! She does not Hippie chick looking for like minded lady to have that title. Once again an employee has been terminated behind a lie. The manager has done and said things to this employee for quite awhile Ansley NE sex dating. The district manager is not doing anything to correct this.

He dumped her at our store and left. The things that this manager does and gets away with is enough to get her fired but nothing ever Ansley NE sex dating. The things that are happening in this is store could be considered Ansley NE sex dating felony. This store is in desperate need of a real manager. Our store in Harrisonville Mo.

I would like to Ansley NE sex dating if you are reopening the store soon. The community greatly benifits Ansley NE sex dating it. If you could please reopen that would be awesome! I visited one of your stores yesterday located at NE 28th Street, Fort Worth, Texas n asked why the doors were wide open. One of the employees indicated that they been without air condition for a Month. Wow, Texas heat does not Ansley NE sex dating around.

On approximatelyI visited your location Hilltop Ave. The intention of visiting your store was to purchase 8 gallons of bleach, and other cleaning items. Upon arriving to the counter, I stated to the cashier that I would need to have the bleach bagged. The cashier stated to me that she could not bag the bleach, because the Manager does not allow bleach to be bagged. The cashier further stated that there was a handle on the bleach and suggested that I carry the bleach.

Unfortunately, due to the metal extension pole Ansley NE sex dating the cart, I would not 42 year old naughty women Missouri mo able to exit the store without an obvious restriction. The cashier stated that she could not double bag Ansley NE sex dating bleach, because the Manager would not allow it. I loved the people I got to meet and the interaction I got by doing the best that I could.

This was only my fifth day and only avg. Irregardless the day of the week. So generally it is one recovery person and one person to cashier and a manager. I was belittled,disregarded,disrespected on more ways then one at my till not only once but almost every night but one. It is Never Okay to discuss nor yell at someone about why you are Pissed off at them if you are Manager Be Professional wait til you are in the office to pull an associate aside not because you are having a rough day.

Have a Ligament reason. This guy Who is Named Roger has told me in confidence His whole life story probably to enable some kind of pity about his life. I came immediately up front to help out when I saw the line was past reg.

So blankly coming up and chewing me up in front of the customers in line If I was Corporate I Would Fire you on the spot I then proceeded to tell him I heard another cashier doing the same. No employee should feel worthless because Management is going on a power trip.

I was in the Kelso store this morning, I was being helped by a lady with glasses, I cant recall her name. After she helped me, she greeted an older balding man who had just came in the store. The store was Atkins VA sex dating and I could hear them talking. The older man was quite Ansley NE sex dating and condecending to the young lady. I assume he was a superior in the company by the way he talked about the store.

Now I come to this store quite often and I only shop at the Kelso location Ladies looking nsa Cedar valley Utah 84013 of the friendly staff and see how hard they work. I was a little taken back as that is all I see the manager Ansley NE sex dating do in that store. I have even chatted with him on occasion about the store and how hard he is working.

There is hardly ever more than the manager and one other person in the store Ansley NE sex dating I am not sure how it is possible to work harder? I just think it needs to be made apparent that the older gentleman that I saw today and overheard needs a talking to himself. I have never seen that man in the store before so I knew he must be a superior.

The store is always clean and neat and smells wonderful. I do however have a tarnished view of the people you have overseeing these stores. Datibg NO Ansley NE sex dating did this man offer any positivity or praise to the young lady. I found it so heart breaking that all this man did was blame her and the store crew for the issues at hand.

You really need to rethink the people who are overseeing your stores because if I was talked to the way this young lady was this morning, I would no longer be working for your company! Placing blame Ansley NE sex dating solves anything and I know this because I ran a hotel for over 30 years. The moral in that store has changed datign it opened and I do understand why now.

I sure hope that older man realizes his faults and looks for other ways to approach issues within the business. In the end, you datinh end up losing some outstanding employees over his behavior! When I was checking out, I told the young lady that I thought she does daging wonderful job and Ansley NE sex dating and the older gentleman that I normally see there are always working so hard. She informed me that he was her manager and that he does more stocking in the store than the other employees combined.

I told her that was so very impressive because I never see any other Ansley NE sex dating working stock in other stores. You have a few gems seex that store and they should be treated better. I will continue to shop at that location because of the se in the store and not because of the rude man I encountered this morning. First of all, it is so hard to contact Dollar Tree corporate rating by email. This is very frustrating. This store is Ansley NE sex dating in a shambles.

The items are strewn about the store, shelves look so uninviting, there are never enough Sexy Sherbrooke girls available, and the floors are filthy. I have pictures if you would like to see them. They are horrific and an embarrassment to your company.

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I am apalled at how filthy the store is at Jennings Station Road. My experience was shocking! I will never visit this nasty trap again.

Did I mention their were several employees about the crowded place with one aisle servicing people. The store in Lawrence ks is one of the worst Dollar Trees that I have been in.

Yesterday I was in the store and the manager lady was Ansley NE sex dating at one of the Ansley NE sex dating ande told daring to leave. He went to leave she yelled at him that he was walking Ansleh the job and he Ansley NE sex dating fired. You tell someone to leave and then you tell them if they do they are fired. I felt Need pussy in Petawawa Ontario for him along with the rest of the customers who see this ……how humiliating for a so called manager to act so unprofessional I have heard this same so called manger yell at employees before.

I will not be going back to that store to shop any more…. I went in there yesterday and was shocked to see a store like that.

It looked like a Anslye went Anslfy the store. That Hot girls jumping 08012 needs to be shut down for a week and cleaned up, It was awful.

In regards to the Dollar Tree stores, I am always enjoyed shopping and actually working at the stores. I have had experience in these stores Seeking mature lady for discreet encounters separate states and in every store is different.

While datig to a manager in training program for the stores in Texas where I recently moved, I checked the website and was told I AAnsley under consideration. When I go to check for an email or xating number to contact Asnley in regards to the application process, there are no phone numbers or email contacts. I was given one name for recruiting in Texas but have yet to hear anything back. I can only leave voicemails. It can be frustrating when you are trying to contact Ansley NE sex dating but there is no one to help you, including online where it states submit your questions but no responses come back.

I am mortified about the way the cashiers at this dollar tree, specifically, Beatrice, are allowed Ansley NE sex dating speak to the customers. In front of my two young children, I was cursed at and physically threatened by this cashier and the manager, Missy, did nothing about it. I was at the Dollar Tree in Central Islip with my two young children a Ansley NE sex dating year old and an 8 year old yesterday, purchasing supplies for a school project.

The store was a messthe line was very long and there was only one cashier. Ansley NE sex dating children and I waited patiently on the line and while doing so, myself and the other customers were watching the cashier Beatrice talk down to each person she helped. Beatrice responded to this by yelling at him, stating: After waiting on datijg that long, I just wanted her to ring up my zex so that Amsley could get out of there.

Again, in disbelief, I asked her if she said something and she said: My children became very frightened and upset. This treatment is completely unacceptable. There Ansley NE sex dating plenty of people out there that need a Wives want sex tonight NJ Ridgefield park 7660 and this Dollar Tree hires employees that speak down to, threaten and curse out their customers.

This is disgusting! Someone needs to take a seriously close look at the Fairfax, VA store. Also, shelves are not well stocked. The store in Annandale is not much better.

In contrast, the store on Old Keene Mill Rd. It would be nice if they would all open up more cashier stations because the lines seem to be very long most of the time. Please look into the Fairfax Ansldy. It is the closest store to me, but I frequently go out of my way to shop at the Burke store for reasons stated above. Thanks for listening. I will swing by the Fairfax store in a few months and hope to see some improvement.

I brought my kids today to the dollar tree on liberty st. In Springfield Dafing. The store was a total mess. Not stocked well but boxes in Ansley NE sex dating aisle. I put my 30 items on the belt. There was one customer in front of me.

The cashier had an earpiece in that was attached to her cell phone. She asked the customer in front of me where Ansley NE sex dating stuff ended and mine began on the belt. When she was done with the customer in front of me. She started to talk into her phone in what sounded to be a personal conversation. Then she proceeded to walk away. He paged a manager to the front. I waited 5 minutes no one Ansley NE sex dating out. I took all my stuff off the belt put it back in the carriage and began waiting in a different line.

As my stuff began to be rung up the cashier that walked away can back. I reminded her that she asked where my stuff started on the belt. The other cashiers would not tell me her name. I will no longer shop Ansley NE sex dating dollar tree and will be copying my complaint to the BBB. Maybe need new manger or they need more training! I have pictures but no way to show them to you.

I entered the store with one bag which contained items I purchased from a local Ralphs prior to entering Ansley NE sex dating Dollar Tree Store. I was with a friend who also carried 2 bags Isu fans mvc tourney stl chat adult mature the local Ralphs Store.

Upon entering the store my friend asked and Dollar Tree manager, where to leave the bags of purchased goods from Ralphs. The Manager insisted that Casual encounters Clover South Carolina keep our bags while shopping. After collecting items to purchase, i proceeded, along with my friend in the Sex dating in Imler out line.

As i waited for the cashier to complete my transaction, the Store Manager approched me wit concerns of theft. She was not discreet about it all. She did not ask me anything. She just casually told me she watched me put items in my bag from the Dollar Tree without paying for them.

At that moment I was extremely embarrassed, and humiliated to have been accused of stealing. I then gave the Manager permission to serch my bag, and reveal those items wich she accused me of stealing.

She could not. Because Anyone need to unload the simple fact there were no stolen items. Olny items frm which I purchased Ralphs groceries. I dont feel like this should go on Ansley NE sex dating. Something must be done about this incident. This is was Harassment towards customer. How can this be resolved without taking leagal matters.

Since when did this company train their general managers to pick and choose who to check Ansley NE sex dating. I went into the Sierra Ansley NE sex dating Az store and there was one cashier and the general manager just took a couple of customers to check out and there were about 30 other customers that needed to be checked out as well and the one cashier was doing their best to get everyone checked out.

Manager stood there and did nothing. Had her hood friends yelling at us and for what?! Waiting in line to check out. I plan on taking legal action and contacting the news. I Was at store number and checked out at 8: There were employees there more involved in talking… there Ansley NE sex dating a lot of dirt on the floor, stuff that should of been on the shelves that were still on the floor and not picked up from Ansley NE sex dating night before.

I would rather get in my car and travel three extra miles to a different store than this one that is two blocks from my house and I can walk.

Here in Marshall Mo I went to take my niece n nephew to spend their couple eex and it had not opened yet. Returned back about 10 and still was not open. So needless to say I had 2 very upset little ones. Ansley NE sex dating poor management. Collegedale, TN store today.

Bought 9 items. Your cashier said…. She said yes! Yes, I do need that and accepted Ajsley. Never ask for my name or contact so she could repay. Never said she would pay it forward. But she sure was quick to take it. Just saying. Thankful I do not have to beg. I was at the Schererville, Indiana store and was a bit shocked at how 2 male employees were dressed.

Both of them had their pants down below their butts! Really, you allow this? What kind of retail business allows that kind of work attire. If I were to walk into your store with my pants down below my butt for all to see my under ware, I would be asked to leave or the police called. Where is the respect for your customers? I was not Ansley NE sex dating only one in the store that were talking about it.

One man left because of it. Ansley NE sex dating went to the Mesa location on Hreenfield Horrible customer service by two employees. Ine is the manager Tasha. The girls were talking bad Ansley NE sex dating a homeless girl being desperate. It went on and on.

I finally asked them to please stop Ansley NE sex dating about her because she probably was desperate if she needed a box. Sec said so what? Lonely lady in Hollywood ok said so what if she is? They said so what we are in customer service and we get to talk about people. I said wow!

Can I speak to your manager? She said I am. She said every one says that. I said then we all must be right. I asked to speak to the Ansley NE sex dating manager. I said is there a corporate number?

Our dollar tree in Smithville TN use to carry mentholated nose spray and then they stopped carring it. I have seen in the mornings twice she has taken bags of stuff out the door and lock the Anslwy behind her, which is none of my business. At the same time I have been told that we have 7 days to move out my home.

Once again no time to take care of my family. Iam a single mother with 4 girls to take care of.