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Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the

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IMDb More. Soda Springs Hide Spoilers.

Sort by: Filter by Rating: Soda Springs SSprings an uplifting story about second chances and redemption. It is a well acted and beautifully shot film with a couple of good plot twists.

Soda Springs () - Soda Springs () - User Reviews - IMDb

Many of the characters in the film are easy to identify with which brings it home in several scenes. It starts slowly and builds Sorings. This film won best feature film at the Louisville International Festival of film last fall and just won the audience award at the Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the Valley Film Festival a few weeks ago.

That says a lot. The film isn't rated, but, I would guess it's probably Sprkngs for those wondering. This is a great little indie film worth seeing. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

I originally ordered this movie just to see an old classmate Jay Pickett act - boy did I get a surprise! I also expected to be drawn into the familiar scenery of where we grew up, but instead was drawn into the storyline so far that I forgot to watch the scenery!

The storyline of redemption is one that is done frequently, but those of us that grew up in small towns and on farms know blone Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the works differently there.

The story is well-told and well paced, with beautiful Idaho scenery in the background.

It truly deserves and has earned all of the film awards that it has gotten - and many more! It is a wonderful family story, and I will be sure that my 12 yr old and 7 yr old watch it.

BasiliskSt 11 June Wonderful movie. Loved the Western scenery and the story of second chances and redemption. Marvelous casting was a treat against a sound Spirngs of genuine music.

We thoroughly enjoyed Soda Springs. Not a lot of movies command a second or third watching, but this one does. The modern Western still conveys the timeless virtues of hard work and personal sacrifice for others.

It feels human and real. Soda Springs unwinds a story without giving it all away upfront. Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the Springa rare movie Beaautiful successfully manages that unpredictability that makes you reconsider all that went before in a new light. Soda Springs lets the story unfold so that you care about the destination. The cinematography and directing are first rate without being self- conscious or obtrusive.

Actors are uniformly excellent and included a couple of personal favorites, Tom Skerritt and Victoria Pratt. Skerritt commands the screen with quiet dialog. Victoria is both approachable and gorgeous in her denim clad small town persona.

Star and co-screenwriter Jay Pickett plays the protagonist in a quiet, determined and ultimately winning fashion. Smaller roles feature effective newcomers like Hollis Welsh and established veterans including the perfect Patty McCormack. The Western theme carries over in a soundtrack dosed with some great, fresh Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the Country with a touch of Western Swing. I knew none of the music going in but loved the music and its compliment to the mood and high, lonesome Idaho scenery.

It's easy to see why this was an award winner in film festivals like Breckenridge, Sun Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the and Louisville. Soda Springs is engaging, personal and meaningful. It stuck with me far longer than many big dollar, 2 woman seeking man star productions.

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Soda Springs is highly recommended. Soda Springs is a movie I will want to watch many times. I'm always a Tom Skerrit fan, but I saw bkond more nuances in his role in this film than ever before. Jay Pickett was only vaguely familiar to me, but I will definitely be looking for him in more films.

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Initially I wanted to see the movie to enjoy glimpses of familiar Idaho scenes, but the sincerity and increasing depth of Beautifull drama captivated my imagination and leaves me wanting to watch Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the movie again and again. The theme I took from the movie was the eBautiful and patience required in rebuilding a life - work wasn't enough, patience alone wasn't enough - and everyone concerned had to contribute their own work and patience.

How do you make work and patience and more work and patience exciting to an audience?

It took a lot of skill and Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the on the part of everyone who made this film! Through unexpected characters and careful pacing I sensed and then shared the frustration of the main character as he had to wrestle his life Sprinngs reputation from the backbiters in his hometown.

The casting was well done and the locations were wonderful.

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I had expected to be pulled out Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the the story as I recognized familiar places, but instead that just added bond Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the connection Sprinys felt with the characters. I still want my husband to watch Soda Springs so Beeautiful can tell me if that pick-up Pickett drives is the same make as one we see around New Plymouth. It all felt so real to me that I can still feel the dust of the baseball diamond, squint into the bright sunlight and smell the inside of the feed store.

That feeling of connection is part of the reason Soda Springs lingers in my mind so long after watching it. It is also the reason I'm not at all surprised to hear of the awards this movie is attracting.

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Almost instantly the town begins to treat him Ponce Puerto Rico horny slut wifes an outcast and refuses to accept him back to the community. Slowly he begins to win his ex over and secrets start to come out that change the town forever. I have seen a few movies like this I can't remember the names of Beauiful but it has the feel of a movie like "Pure Country".

An exiled resident returns to face his past and meets resistance. You have all seen that Beautifkl before so you won't be surprised. This movie is pretty cheesy but it Beautfiul actually Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the bad and does have a twist at the end that isn't totally predictable but not unexpected.

Without trying to spoil the movie I will let you know that Tom Skerritt is in the movie for about 2 minutes, so if that's why your renting it be warned. Overall, not really a whole lot to say about this movie. Cheesy but an OK movie that many will like.

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Right from the start of the film I knew I was in for something special, Eden was a character I immediately attached myself to and no matter what happened in the past I wanted the best for him going forward so I was engaged and set to see it through. Eden isn't the only character in the film that you take notice of right away, every character is well-written and realistic and when you combine that with a terrific story, beautiful landscapes and amazing music you got your self a gem and "Soda Springs" is just that, it's a dramatic triumph.

The film tears at your emotions, from happy to sad the film draws Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the in and never lets up. There's a lot going on in Eden's life after he returns but to talk too much about the details would only ruin the Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the for those waiting to see it. This is one of those stories that reminds us why we fell in love with cinema in the first place, sadly you don't get to see Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the films like "Soda Springs" anymore so when one does show up it's not only a surprise but a joy as well.

The entire cast did a terrific job, Jay Pickett is incredible was Eden and Tom Skerritt gives Milf dating in Ardsley powerful performance as his father in a limited role. I can go right through the cast but instead I will just say everyone is fantastic in their roles.

If you like a good drama then I highly recommend picking up one of the best films I have seen so far this year, I am confident it will find a huge audience on DVD with strong word of mouth. Do yourself a favor and make sure you pick this up, you are going to Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the glad you did. Let me finish by saying Director, Michael Feifer has a talent for telling a good story, my hat goes off to him and I look forward to seeing what he has coming out next.

I'm not sure I can find any flaws in this movie.

and decided right then that the beautiful blond creature with those big brown offer to be assistant desk clerk at the Sugar Bowl Sky Lodge in Soda Springs. Soda Springs is an uplifting story about second chances and redemption. It is a well acted and beautifully shot film with a couple of good plot twists. Many of the. See more at Erik Andersson for Scotch & Soda Spring/Summer Campaign by Philippe Vogelenzang.

The acting was very good, the direction by Michael Feifer was superb. The storyline was excellent, and unlike many indie movies I watch these days, it actually had a real ending, along with a few surprise twists. The characters were interesting and likable, and the chemistry Sprjngs them was Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the and grabbed my attention.

The Idaho scenery was stunning.

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And the haunting soundtrack throughout was eerily mood-evoking. Possibly the only fault I could find was that I was left wondering for 38 minutes into the movie how long Eden had been in prison. But perhaps that was by design.

Sodw song Eden sang at the end was slightly corny, but then I don't give Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the stars lightly, but this one definitely deserved it, IMO. Ed-Shullivan 2 December Beautiful blond Soda Springs on the Although the first 45 minutes of Soda Springs is rather slow and uninspiring lead actor Jay Pickett plays a handsome wild and reckless skirt chaser named Eden Jackson who ends up in prison for causing a senior couples death s while driving drunk.

Unfortunately the townspeople who are fully aware of Eden's reckless behavior are not very happy with his presence and he is treated as if he was the town pariah. Most unhappy to see Jay Pickett back in town is the local owner of the car dealership named Larry Hhe Bowen who has married Jay's ex-wife Pam Miranda Frigon and they have a son who they are raising. There are secrets that come to light and if you hang in there for the last 30 minutes of the film it is worth waiting for.

It was an unexpected ending and not what I expected at all.

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Jay Pickett's redemption is about to come full circle in Soda Springs. I give the film a decent 6 out of 10 rating - the ending is worth hanging in there for. Masonic morality tale? This movie makes no sense until the last ten minutes.