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When the Asiqn report on male sexual behavior was published init revealed among its then-scandalous findings that up to 69 percent of American men had Divorced lady want asian hookers for sex at some point in their lives. Since then, the notion of the "john next door" has been perpetuated in pop culture, and even in some recent studies.

But new research drawing on a large-scale nationally representative sample of men shows that frequenting prostitutes is not actually all that ordinary in the United States. About 14 percent of American men said they paid for sex at some point in their Divorced lady want asian hookers, but just 1 percent said they visited a prostitute in the past yearaccording to the study, which is, in part, based on data collected as part of the General Social Survey by researchers at the National Opinion Slutty granny dating personals Williston Center.

The researchers also found that the qant john doesn't look all that different from the average man who has never paid for sex — clients are more likely to have served in Divorced lady want asian hookers military, only slightly less likely to be married and white, and only slightly wanf likely to have a full-time job and be more sexually liberal.

More distinct characteristics, however, emerge among avid customers of prostitutes who self-identify as "hobbyists" and post on message boards that review call girls.

Men of this more privileged class that cruise the Internet instead of the sidewalks for Divorced lady want asian hookers also have different views about prostitution. Compared with men who have been arrested for soliciting a prostitute, the "hobbyists" are more likely to say that prostitution should be legal, that they would marry a prostitute and that prostitutes enjoy their work, the researchers found.

Whereas the authors of the new study argue that hiring prostitutes is not necessarily an ordinary behavior, they say there's also little evidence to show that it's inherently deviant or linked to psychological deficiencies.

That's in contrast to findings by some anti-prostitution groups. The sex-buying men were recruited through ads in newspapers and on Craigslist, and they were more likely than non-sex-buyers to have a prior criminal history, to say they would commit rape Sexy couple for sex Cincinnati they could get away with it and Divorced lady want asian hookers have coerced non-prostitute sex partners into sex.

There are undoubtedly some johns who act violently toward call girls, Divorced lady want asian hookers the new study found that most sex-buyers were unlikely to buy into so-called rape myths that have been linked to violence against women such as the notion that most women report a rape to get back at a man.

The results suggest "john schools" that try to educate men who have been arrested for buying sex might be misguided for assuming that these offenders need to be treated for anger management and sexual addiction.

Original article on LiveScience.

Megan has been writing for Live Science and Space. Her interests range from archaeology to space exploration, and she has Dkvorced bachelor's degree in English and art history from New York University.

Megan spent two years as a reporter on the national desk at NewsCore. She has watched dinosaur auctions, witnessed rocket launches, licked ancient pottery sherds in Cyprus and flown in zero gravity. Megan Gannon, Live Science Contributor on.

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