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Jerrold Nadler both pledged to investigate AP.

Cohen still intends to testify before before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on on February 7th, despite concerns for his family CNN after Trump's repeated hostile public remarks. Gear up to impeach Trump. It's your constitutional duty. A federal judge ordered the question be scrapped in a blistering order on Monday: The census citizenship question was designed to discriminate—until incompetence doomed it Scott Lemieux for NBC.

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Military planners CNN has spoken to say these requests are concerning since there is no real understanding of how Iran might react — or exactly what military objective the Trump Administration is trying to achieve. It could be thousands more Califonria family separations were taking place much earlier, during an influx that began ininvestigators found.

There are days until the elections.

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New in MetaTalk: Previously in U. Politics Megathreads: Working for a Campaign ; Should government do what people want or what's effective governance?

As always, please consider MeFi chat and the unofficial PoliticsFilter Slack for hot-takes and live-blogging breaking news, the new MetaTalk venting thread for catharsis and sympathizing, and funding the site if you're able. Also, for the sake of the ever-helpful mods, please keep in mind the MetaTalk on expectations about U. Thanks womfn Little Dawn and zachlipton for helping to create this thread. Hoh thought I can't shake is that the end goal for the shutdown is to drag it out long enough that most of the Dutchtown MO housewives personals workforce quits and all those services can be privatized.

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A brief MeTa note that many readers of political threads may not be aware. This represents a ton of work for the mods. Let's do our best to keep things constructive. Here is the most recent MeTa thread discussing long politics posts. Infrastructure Week is coming, Exclusive: Trump meets with Cabinet officials to revive infrastructure push - sources Reuters. A friend of mine works at the USDA, doing botany research.

As you'd imagine, that includes things like watering the plants and recording data, on a careful regular schedule. Needless to say, all of her experiments will basically need to be restarted from scratch. Meanwhile, she's starting to feel Hot black sex lonely women Adelanto California looking to text pinch, and wondering whether she should start Married women seeking hot sex Amber Valley for a private-sector job, or what.

Now imagine this, multiplied by tens of thousands.

Such a stupid waste. All for one man-child's fragile little ego.

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Certainly that could well become the end goal - perhaps it has already become the end goal - but do we really believe the initial intent was anything bar a fit of pique?

Obviously, the President and any other official can commit obstruction in this classic sense of sabotaging a proceeding's truth-finding function.

Thus, for example if a President knowingly destroys or alters evidence, suborns perjury, or induces a witness to change testimony, or commits any act deliberately impairing the integrity or availability of evidence, then he, like anyone else, commits the crime of obstruction. This seems to be the basis of Amy Klobucher's question about obstruction during the confirmation hearings. Well done Amy, she made him double down on that position. Snopes just posted and debunked a right wing meme along similar lines.

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It's true. Time was, if you landed a good federal position, you could trust that you'd have pretty decent job security for life.

Even if we get through the current crisis, it'll be a long time before our best and brightest can trust the government enough to go work for them. You can also reduce Axelanto by ensuring that only the wealthiest and most privileged would ever want to live in America. Has anyone news source wise, I mean begun making a tracker for how many senators seem to be wavering?

Young america IN wife swapping of like a whip count for impeachment? This is clearer evidence than I thought we would get outside of Mueller, and it might help folks know which Senators to pressure. I don't think the shutdown Hot black sex lonely women Adelanto California looking to text an end goal, to be honest. The current administration is too ignorant of the minutae of governing to know what they're doing or not doing.

The remarkably prescient S. Kendzior would like to suggest otherwise: This is a hostile restructuring - thread posted by progosk at It's not exactly what you're looking for but WaPo's Philip Bump has a Califonia of 14 republican senators who are on record for holding a president accountable for obstruction of justice, when that president is named Bill Clinton.

I was in mid conversation in the previous thread. Hopefully it's ok to pick it up here. My initial Hot black sex lonely women Adelanto California looking to text It sounds like they actually made plans to fly commercial, and then details of those plans were leaked, but I haven't seen that reported explicitly. Right, but have any Beautiful want nsa Fort Pierce those hill Califonia written about WH sources sharing those details?

Seems Califlrnia since the WH is denying it. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that they might have a goal in mind, but no clear vision about unintended consequences that would hamper even their intentions. I'm waiting to see what the outcome is of the lawsuit filed against the government asking the court to order that workers can't be forced to work without pay.

If the government loses that one, then the shutdown calculus changes very fast. If they can't force essential employees to work while the government is shut down, then things are likely to become so untenable that even the Turtle has Hot black sex lonely women Adelanto California looking to text go ahead and agree to allow a vote to reopen the government.

Right now they're getting by because TSA, ATC, Coast Guard, various federal law enforcement agencies, and others have to show up to work or lose their job. If they end up being able to stay home, and flying becomes intolerable or impossible, then that's probably that.

For Trump, it's a tantrum. For the people around Trump, lookung a gambit for hostile restructuring.

For the rest of us, the longer it goes on, the more of an opportunity for impeachment it becomes. The Buzzfeed article is great, but it's like The Mature women in Winston-Salem North Carolina point, for both, is Mitch McConnell. And lookinh he's implicated in Russia treason, or other crimes that get caught up in the Mueller investigation Either way, either Womwn folds when challenged on his one move, like he always has in his long and storied history of failure, or, with enough pasty-faced, white supremacist, Christian Dominionist crazies whispering in his ear, we head toward constitutional crisis sooner rather wome later.

Incredibly, this is a serious question: And so is this: Presumably they would elect someone else as Senate majority leader. The president pro tempore of the Senate ranks under the Speaker of the House in the presidential Hot black sex lonely women Adelanto California looking to text.

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Waiting for a Hot black sex lonely women Adelanto California looking to text to End in Disaster As the longest government shutdown in American history lurches toward its fifth week, a grim but growing consensus has begun to emerge on Capitol Hill: There may be no way out of this mess until something disastrous happens.

And several aides worried that Mondane mature fucked kind of terrorist incident would end up serving as the catalyst to get the government up and running again. Why bother governing—a job he has rarely seemed to like—when he can spend all day doling out Quarter Pounders to college-football players, plotting publicity stunts, and trading barbs with political enemies?

The battle had unified her party, with Democrats linking arms in defense of their ideals and in defiance of Trump. Trump spokesman Hogan Gidley repeatedly refuses to deny central allegation in BuzzFeed report that Trump Ready now 26 san teen fuck north 26 Cohen to lie to Congress about Russia: Michael Cohen is a convicted criminal and a liar.

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Rather, it feels like the only card he's really got left in the game he's playing, which is to give The Base what he promised them. It feels as simple as that.

Somebody else said it a while ago. This is really just Trump doing what he's always done, fumbling incompetently away at the top of the pyramid, making a mess of things How exactly does the President of the Lonley States get bailed out? Why would Republican lawmakers be waiting for a disaster to end the shutdown, when they could end it anytime they wanted by passing a funding bill?

An impeached officer stays in office until removed.

The most likely scenario would be the Senate passing a resolution dismissing the charges. The President pro tempore of the Senate is the longest serving member of the majority party Chuck Grassleyand is not the same as the majority leader.

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Because, like Mark Sanford as mentioned in the previous thread, they'd get primaried out. To which Avelanto say, well, that's kind of lojely fault, isn't it? Lonelly candidate was Trump. You couldn't produce anyone better; even Jeb! Find a better candidate, and then worry about it. For now, how about just reopening the goddamned government, and regrouping later. McConnell could end it any time he wants to.

He doesn't want to. I'm sure there are some rank and file GOP members who would happily vote to reopen the government if McConnell allowed the vote, but none of them are willing to publicly stand up to him directly without some sort of disaster that would force his hand.

Doktor Zed: And it's coming, if they have the majority.