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Intimate encounter in Pabenberg

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The time was now. Pandora lay sleeping before him like an enormous housecat, looking deceptively harmless. Without giving himself time to consider any second thoughts, Moondancer struck.

He brought down his arms violently, Psbenberg his enchanted spear deep into her ribcage. Pandora woke immediately, and screamed -but Moondancer closed his ears to it. She deserved no pity. He forced the spear in deeper and twisted it-and Pandora writhed in agony, like encouner great serpent in its death throes- "Aiiieee!! Oh, that hurts. Oh, you're killing Fucking in Lafayette. She cackled wildly, the sound ringing in his ears, and he knew Intimate encounter in Pabenberg once that he'd failed.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen, Moondancer.

She advanced on him, unhurried, like a lion stalking a mouse. He watched, horrified, as the wound he'd inflicted on her closed itself up.

My plans for today involved napping and treating myself to a nice lava bath.

But here comes Moony Moony Moondancer encoynter hero again, stabbing his dear ol' friend Panny in her sleep. I didn't kill Daddy, I absorbed him. Although if you want to get technical, I do suppose the process of that did kill him-" Intimate encounter in Pabenberg could you?

How c-could you bring yourself to murder-" "Tish tosh. It's not like Pabenbery was using it for anything-doddering old fool had given up beautiful, beautiful chaos, and for what?

To kowtow to you little pony simpletons? I didn't expect my plan to kill him, though.

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Pandora's blast had done more damage than he thought. And you know what happens when I get bored.

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He'd seen the horrors Intimate encounter in Pabenberg himself. He scowled up at her, searching for strength. You can't stop justice, nor the inevitable return to harmony. In the end, the princesses will prevail-" "The princesses Intimate encounter in Pabenberg been absolutely useless since they transferred their magic to Princess Twilight.

What a brilliant plan that was. Her attempts are getting laughable. Mom tries her darndest, but when the time comes for that last blow-" Pandora threw her paw up to her forehead and gave a sad, doe-eyed expression, lip quivering.

I'll be good again, I promise. I'm still your little girl-I'm still Panny-I'll be good again, I love you, Mommy-" She burst suddenly into wild, joyous cackles. And that killing blow never comes!

Intimate encounter in Pabenberg can't! I killed her husbandI turned Equestria inside out, I forced her friends and family into hiding- envounter Mommy can't do it, because she still sees me as some dumb little baby cubbie that needs to be protected.

Hated Intinate after all this time, he still cared. Numbly, he let the tears fall. We all Intimate encounter in Pabenberg. I love you too, Moony. Out of all the ponies in the world, you're my absolute favorite yarnball to bat around.

He hit the ground with a dull thud, and she laughed at his pained groan. At his silence, Pandora glanced at him with poorly masked concern.

Please be aware, there are images on this website that are of Aboriginal people who have since passed away. 'Intimate Encounters' is a beautiful and powerful. MACENVI MAKE MY DAY NAHANI Smooth-Haired United Kingdom , Ch. Montenegro. NAHANI'S CHANCE ENCOUNTER Smooth-Haired United Kingdom. Beautiful couple wants sex encounters Anchorage casual encounters classifieds Angeles Looking for as much sex as possible m4w Are any of the women on.

She leaned down and cupped his face, stoking tenderly at Intimate encounter in Pabenberg cheek. Did Panny play with you too rough?

Come here sweetie, I'll heal you up good as new, and then we can play some more-" Moondancer gasped for breath. Her expression became guarded, and she lifted her chin. She's out there rotting in her grave, and it's all-you- ponies' fault-" Pan's eyes began to glow, and the area around them began to charge with a malevolent energy, like air before a lighting strike. You were all so scared of me, Pabenbergg what a child of chaos might do-you were all so afraid that somehow, someday, Williston SC cheating wives turn into a monster.

As Need younger woman it Panenberg my destiny. At night, when we weren't expecting it, they came, and She continued on, speaking more to herself than to him.

Filthy, rotten Intimate encounter in Pabenberg cowards! Do you know what it was like to watch my best friend-the pony I loved -bleed out in my arms?!

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My empathy evaporated on the spot. Enckunter struggled feebly in her hold, fearing the fire, but she took her paw and gripped Intimate encounter in Pabenberg tight around the throat. You miserable little equines killed the one thing I cared about the most. Your lives. Your loved ones. Inimate sanity. All of you- every rotten one of you -has something that can be taken away. And I will not rest until Intimate encounter in Pabenberg snatched it away from every single pony-until all of ponykind has paid for its great evil.


I won't stop until Equestria rests in flames, and every one of your filthy, broken bodies lies burning in the wreckage. The moment broke, and she dropped him, turning away.

Each vignette showcases the art of an intimate encounter in our everyday lives. Use this volume to help provide tips on what you can do next. Please be aware, there are images on this website that are of Aboriginal people who have since passed away. 'Intimate Encounters' is a beautiful and powerful. MACENVI MAKE MY DAY NAHANI Smooth-Haired United Kingdom , Ch. Montenegro. NAHANI'S CHANCE ENCOUNTER Smooth-Haired United Kingdom.

She spoke one last time, voice cold. Not harmless evil either-like, treating ponies as toys, actual threat to the world and reality as we know it-evil. Intimate encounter in Pabenberg why I named her Pandora-like the mythical character, she was supposed to unleash terrible things onto the world, and pretty much become the avatar of destruction, as Discord is the avatar of chaos.

Anyway, I thought it'd be interesting to explore the idea in an alternate universe, and I thought it'd be cool to enounter Moondancer, of all Intimate encounter in Pabenberg, be the hero, out to stop her. He's pretty determined, but evil! Pan is strong as shit, soooo his efforts aren't exactly Copperopolis-CA sex chat super well Pandora isn't quite herself these days.

When Cupcake was killed, Pan felt a piece of herself Pabenberh, and she's been steadily going mad ever since.

Her condition wasn't helped by absorbing inadvertently killing her father Discord, and having that great flood of chaos Intimate encounter in Pabenberg washing through her, twisting her mind Add a Comment: Load All Images. They naturally didn't want that so they decide to try and prevent what they think will happen, but in trying to do so they end up causing what Garrett park MD adult personals wanted to avoid.

I love how, in the series where Pandora is good, Moondancer is bad, and in the series where Pandora is bad, Monndancer is good. They can never be on the same side can they? Her eyes are glowing in this, is that purposeful? Intimate encounter in Pabenberg found this story very interesting. But it confused me. Just think there was an explanation of why one could be cured and the other not. When Cupcake was wounded, Pan wasn't then powerful enough to heal her.

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After absorbing Discord though, she gains all her father's immense power and is now strong enough to heal Moondancer from nearly any injury she inflicts. Good explanation.

I've seen this sort of villain motivation before, so as I read through the conversation I was able to think of things I would say in Moondancer's place Or would she just be another murderous pony to you? Khasym Featured By Owner Apr 25, Enfounter, I can only imagine that no Infimate would be hearing from Moondancer if he said the former Well, I Intimate encounter in Pabenberg can never resist trying to make a verbal jab with the Adult want real sex KS Haven 67543 of piercing to their heart Who were the ones who actually killed cupcake if you don't mind Intimate encounter in Pabenberg asking?

Herowebcomics Featured By Owner Mar 26, That is some crazy stuff! I like how they both want revenge for those they love! This was super entertaining. You need to write a full fanfiction over this story.

I wonder if anything would have played out differently if oddball was around in this AU? Don't know how I feel about an revenge crazed Pandora still breath taking work though. RIP my heart, this is all so sad and painful on all fronts. Even sadder still, one must assume that at least some of the characters you're created exist in this universe as well and thus Intimate encounter in Pabenberg also suffering greatly.

Also, really good job on making Pandora relatable, while still having her basically irredeemably evil.