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On any given week, you can find hundreds of people in Glendale gathering for a free meal.

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On the menu? An array of vegetarian Indian dishes. But for many Sikhs in the Valley, the practice goes deeper than just a desire to feed the hungry.

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On one end of this Sikh place of worship, five women are making roti. Two roll out the tortilla-like dough and shake off the excess flour.

On the other end of the kitchen, lookkng large pots are reaching a rolling boil. The tradition itself is a symbolic gesture that embodies the Sikh value of equality. Jaswant Sachdev, a local neurologist and member of this Gurdwara, or Sikh place of worship.

He explained when it's time to eat, people typically sit in rows on the floor. But he said for those who have injuries or are elderly, it's not mandatory.

In terms of langar food, there are many recipes and methods of cooking food but then use a rolling pin to flatten out the dough into a thin tortilla like shape; Then You can also just cook the chickpeas with salt and water. Did you ever eat in a langar in a gurdwara just because you did not have money What are some things I should know before going to Gurdwara for the first time ? When Akbar ate Langar with Sadh Sangat before seeking Darshan of Guru. Guru-Ka-Langar, Amritsar: "Just wanted to know if shooting the langar at " | Check out We are really looking for someone who can guide us there. over a year.

She explained for that reason all of the food they serve is vegetarian so that anyone of any faith can eat without worrying about violating a religious principle. The langar is a tradition as old as Lqngar Sikh religion itself.

Instead, he spent the 20 rupees buying food for hungry people Just looking for a Langar thing met throughout the day. Rangi added the practice of langar also helps strengthen the bonds between the members of the Gurdwara. She said that sense of community is important as the Sikh q, which is a religious minority in the Valley, has been the target of hate crimes in the past.

Sachdev said people have confused those of the Sikh faith with terrorists in the past because of the outward evidence of the religion like turbans and long beards. More than anything, Singh said this kind of work just makes him happy.

Doing it for our community.

Skip to main content. The Show. By Carrie Jung.

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Thursday, January 28, - 1: Download mp3 5. Volunteers begin cooking the langar a day before the meal is served. On the menu today is a brinjal curry. Volunteers prepared enough food to feed about people.

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Sikh teachings encourage people to eat their meal sitting on the floor to symbolize the idea that no one is of a higher class than another. Wednesday at 9 a.

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