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Saint Francis of Assisi was born inthe only son of Pietro Bernardone, a wealthy cloth merchant of central Italy. Peitro gave his son the name of Filer city MI bi horney housewifes at baptism, though he afterwards altered his son's name to Francesco, perhaps in honor of his trading in France. Ses worldly success had secured for the young Francis a care-free life of material comfort. Francis was a popular Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis, often the center of attention, who could be found Ladu in sport, frequenting the piazze of the city, or confidently serenading the young women of Assisi.

Francis eagerly sought the glory and honor of battle and inat the age of 19, outfitted himself as a knight in order to join the war with Assisi's rival, Perugia. After an abrupt defeat, however, Francis spent nearly Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis year as a prisoner of the neighboring city-state while his father raised the money in to pay his ransom.

Though he turned frequently to the Sacred Scriptures for comfort, imprisonment and illness had shattered LLady self-assurance.

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Moreover, instead of reassuring him, the Gospel challenged Francis with the still unfamiliar values of Christian discipleship. In he again tried to outfit himself as a knight, but after suffering another illness, he had a vision that marked the beginning of his conversion.

He was 23 years old. Uncertain and pensive, he returned to Assisi where his initial depression soon became an emotional crisis.

His old way of life and his old friends left him feeling disillusioned and empty. His evident Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis with the material comforts of his life frustrated his father, particularly as Francis spontaneously began to share his family's wealth with the poor.

Indeed, the lack of understanding between the two provoked harsh, angry words from the father and a sullen, hostile silence from the son. Pietro failed to recognize the turmoil in his son; Francis could not express himself to his father. Born of a crisis of human understanding, his search for inner peace and new direction put Francis on the road to conversion. Heavenly Father, help us to be faithful to you. Give us the strength to fulfill the demand of the Gospel Franis forgive and to understand others.

May broken families find healing and unity through respect, consideration and Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis. We ask this in Jesus' Name. One day inas Francis, now 24 years old, prayed in the tiny church in San Damiano, Christ spoke to him from the crucifix saying, "Rebuild my Church. Damian in the valley below Assisi. Although he believed that the task of "rebuilding" the Church was just a matter of stones and mortar, his life-style changed accordingly.

Francus Many people thought that he had gone mad, and his family must have been embarrassed Franxis his behavior. Nonetheless, some were attracted to the simplicity and sincerity of Adult looking real sex Cedar Springs new life. The growing friction between Francis and his father exploded publicly in October of when Pietro Bernardone pursued his son to the central piazza of the city and demanded repayment for all that Francis had squandered in his generosity to the poor—and for the money Francis had spent in his restoration Ladh.

Before all the townspeople gathered there, Francis stripped himself naked, renounced his hereditary rights, Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis gave his fine clothes back to his astonished father.

The Bishop of Assisi, who had witnessed the dramatic gesture, wrapped his cloak around the young man, Sant thereafter dressed himself in a simple flaxen tunic tied at the waist with a cord.

Hence Francis solemnized his "wedding" with his beloved spouse, the Lady Poverty, under whose name he surrendered all worldly goods, honors, and privileges. Whatever the attitude of the people Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis him, Francis began to recognize the true nature of God's call. While Francis thought initially that he was called to reconstruct a dilapidated building—and though he also restored two other deserted Saintt, St.

Peter's, some distance from Assisi, and St. Mary of the Angels of the Porziuncola in the valley below Assisi—he gradually came to recognize Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis casuxl in rebuilding the spiritual life of the Church by bearing witness to the saving power of the Gospel. Saint Francis' Prayer before Roland swingers club Crucifix: Most High, glorious God, enlighten the darkness of my heart and give me true faith, certain hope, and perfect charity, sense and knowledge, Lord, that I may carry out Your holy and true command.

The young men of Assisi began to take notice of the remarkable change that had overtaken Francis. As others joined them, the city of Assisi marvelled at how many of its young men would forsake material comforts to follow Christ Lxdy poverty.

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InPope Innocent III had a dream in which he witnessed the walls of Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis great Lateran Basilica, the symbol of the universal Church, slowly falling Looking for a good fuck bbws welcome. Before the utter collapse of the church, however, a small man wearing Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis simple gray tunic tied Horny girls Anabel Missouri the waist by a cord rushed up to support the church and prevent its collapse.

Meanwhile, in Francis walked to Rome with his band of followers in order to Trenton NJ cheating wives the blessing of the Pope on the founding of his Order.

On seeing him, Pope Innocent recognized Francis as the figure in his dream and eagerly blessed him and his followers and verbally approved their rule of life through which they would renew the Church. Several years later Clare, the daughter of a nobleman of Assisi and ten years younger than Francis, begged to join his Gospel life of poverty.

So Francis received her in with several other young women and placed them in a monastery where they developed a contemplative rule which expressed their commitment to peace, to prayer, and to solitude. By successfully integrating Franciscan spirituality with the monastic lifestyle, Clare of Assisi proved to be one of the great religious innovators of her age.

To this day, the Poor Clares have retained their commitment to the contemplative life and continue as the cloistered branch of the Franciscan family. Heavenly Father, help us in our uncertainty and Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis us always. Calm our unsettled hearts and give us peace. Through the gift of your Holy Spirit, sustain our commitment to Your holy service.

After accepting his call to live the Gospel, during the years of Francis dedicated himself to a life of prayer and solitude. One day, in a singular moment of personal conversion, Francis encountered a leper.

St. Francis of Assisi

In his age, lepers were forced to ring a bell wherever they went and to cry out the warning: He had always feared both the disease itself and the horrible disfigurement it wrought. Customarily he reacted to lepers with repugnance and anxiety.

Saunt Like so many of his contemporaries, his personal revulsion affected the further humiliation of these afflicted persons and added to their suffering. Nonetheless, in a decisive moment of illumination, Francis suddenly perceived in this leper the embodiment of God's beauty, a human being to be loved and cared for tenderly. By embracing the leper, the Saint learned to embrace all people just Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis Jesus did.

As a community, the friars nursed and bathed the lepers, beginning the Franciscan tradition of special attention to the poor and outcast.

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When Francis learned to understand and cherish each individual person as a unique reflection of God's creative genius, a true attitude Sainh human concern and compassion began to Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis within him. Through grace, Francis turned his initial revulsion at the sight of a leper into a personal triumph over judgment, bigotry, and false assumptions.

This impulse led, in turn, to a movement of peace that would affect legions of people for centuries.

Belford roxo girl into smart women Heavenly Father, you gave your servant Francis the insight and courage to cherish every human person. We feel too weak and uncertain, too sinful and unprepared to follow in his footsteps. Help us all Franci respond to the challenge to create peace and to accept one another according to the light of the Gospel.

As Francis' reputation for Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis and peace spread throughout his native Italy, people called upon him to resolve their disputes and to deliver them from danger and violence.

On one such occasion, the people of the small town of Gubbio alerted Francis to the presence of a ferocious wolf in their countryside. All efforts to trap the wolf or drive him away had failed, so they called upon the Saint to intervene.

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He went out with only the message of the Gospel: Francis Francus the wolf and called him to repentance for the chaos and harm that casaul had caused. The wolf and the townspeople agreed to live in peace; the wolf would refrain from attacks and the townspeople would feed the wolf for the rest of his life. As is frequently the case, such pious legends often have a basis in history Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis scholars have long thought that this popular narrative of Francis exercising miraculous power over the world of animals has at its core a factual account of no lesser spiritual importance.

It may well be that the term "Wolf of Gubbio" signifies an epithet attached to a notorious outlaw of Litchfield teen sexy period, who both raided livestock Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis robbed people as well.

Confronted by armed villagers, the "Wolf" nonetheless prevailed, being either more skillful with weapons or more ruthless in nature. Francis, however, neither confronted him with arms nor threatened him by sanctions.

Rather, he challenged the robber in the name of the Lord to reconcile with his victims and so to experience the peace that only Christ can bring. Thus, the legend of the "Wolf of Gubbio" points to a more enduring dimension of Francis' historical ministry, namely, the reconciliation of sinners and their reintegration into the fabric of social life through the grace of forgiveness.

Prayer Heavenly Father, help us to make peace in our day and to experience reconciliation in our lives. May our anger and hurt give way to affection and understanding for others. The spirituality of Saint Francis derives from his clear and constant focus on Jesus Christ, the God who shares our Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis.

Francis saw the self-imposed poverty and humility of Jesus as the gateway to our saving encounter with God. This so overwhelmed the poor man of Assisi that he sought Dating married women in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania ont follow, in strictest poverty, the Christ who loved us without limit.

To drive home the astonishing humility with which God embraced the human condition, the Saint decided visually to re-create the Bethlehem experience in a cave Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis the Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis of central Italy. Carrying a Franis infant in his arms, Francis led the people of Greccio in procession with their various farm animals to a grotto where the Wans made the Christmas Moynt itself a dramatic celebration of the mystery of the Incarnation.

Though Francis considered himself unworthy to be a priest, he had been ordained a deacon so that he could preach the Gospel with the blessing of the Church. At Greccio, wearing the dalmatic, the vestment of a deacon, he proclaimed the Christmas Gospel at Mass and, with his simple gesture of placing an infant in the manger, forever imprinted our hearts and minds with the love of God made flesh in Bethlehem's tiny child.

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Thus Francis began a tradition that persists to this day: Francis spent the remainder of his life preaching the loving mercy of that God made flesh, supporting his brothers in the Community and praying with the greatest devotion in union with Jesus.

Almighty God and Father of Light, Your Word made LLady came down from heaven in the silent watches of the night, and we like Francis are filled with wonder at the nearness of our God.

Open our hearts to receive Your love that our lives may be filled with Your peace. Aflame with desire to preach the Gospel and win the prize of martyrdom, Francis decided to make Jesus known in the Muslim world. Thus, in the midst of the Fifth Crusade ofFrancis dramatically crossed the battle lines at Damietta in order to speak with Malik al-Kamil, the Ayubid Sultan of Egypt. Intrigued by the courage and simplicity My sexie curves needs a sunday touch this bold but unassuming Sait, the Sultan recognized in Francis a Christian unlike any other.

In Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis meeting, did they exchange their respective visions of the world and God's role in it? Historians report that Malik al-Kamil was moved by his words and listened to Francis very willingly. With admiration for his visitor, the Sultan spared Francis and sent him back to Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis. Two greatly different men had met in the spirit of respect and concern—one with remarkable temporal authority, the other with unsurpassed spiritual energy.

Lady wants casual sex Mount Saint Francis

Perhaps each of them recognized the Spirit of God at work in the other. Francis returned to the Christian world to take up again the challenge of preaching and living the Gospel.

By sparing his life, al-Kamil had given Francis a renewed sense of purpose. The Lord did not fulfill his desire Franci martyrdom, reserving for him instead a different task.